The internet has become another channel for our children to socialize and interact. It provides youth with boundless opportunities to learn and communicate with a wide range of information readily available to them. However, there lies the danger of the World Wide Web. Youth and adults ought to be aware of the potential risks that come with accessing the internet - one of them being cyberbullying which is a growing problem among today's youth.

What is cyberbullying? why it happens and what could we do then, to prevent it or stop it ? Cyber bullies are basically one who make use of the advancement of Internet communication tools to torment, humilate or frighten victims who are most often younger.

In the past, most reported cyberbully cases are often the results of adults threatening children online. However in recent years, there is an increasing number of complaints involving kids menacing their schoolmates.

Recent reports indicate that 1 in 4 secondary school/college children is a victim of bullying. Some victims become school bullies themselves. It is therefore important that parents, schools, teachers and mental health counsellors should come forward, discuss and to coorporate in addressing this growing problem. Bullying deteriorates school morale, produces negative mental health consequences among its victims and leads to unexpected social consequences.

We all knows that there is no way that we can monitor our kids 24 hours a day. Especially kids are more computer savvy then many adults nowadays which adds to the complication of the matter.

The prevalence and social impact of this behavior requires that schools, school personnel, clinics and mental health professionals develop a high level of awareness and knowledge of bullying: its consequences; and ways of managing or treating this problematic behavior.

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